The Element of Perfection.®

Every FireMark® diamond is not only responsible sourced, they are undisputedly the most beautiful cushion and princess cut diamonds available today. Cut with enormous precision, and unprecedented light performance, a FireMark® diamond, in essence, is the closest any diamond can be to perfection. FireMark® diamonds are the most exquisite diamonds beyond compare.


The finest cushion cut diamond in the world is cut for maximum brilliance. Its intensity is beyond comparison.


Our patented princess cut, is by far the most perfectly cut princess diamond available. Extraordinary with an unprecedented 98% light return.


Every FireMark® Forevermark diamond from DeBeers is beautiful and rare and exclusively available at Forevermark retailers across the country.

Ethically Sourced

Every FireMark® diamond is engraved for authenticity and comes with a promise that each and every one is ethically sourced.

Beyond the 4Cs

Doesn’t she deserve the very best?

Each Forevermark FirePrincess® and FireCushion® diamond is examined by experts at the Forevermark Diamond Institute against rigid criteria beyond the traditional 4Cs to ensure it is truly a beautiful diamond and meets your exacting standards. These diamonds have received an Excellent Cut Grade. What does that mean to you? A diamond with an Excellent Cut Grade means it is a diamond with brilliance and scintillation beyond measure. It is a diamond with a “wow” factor. It is always the cut that makes the difference, and by far the most important C of the 4Cs.