About Forevermark

Forevermark is a diamond brand from The De Beers Group of Companies, with a history of diamond expertise for over 125 years. Every Forevermark FirePrincess® or Forevermark FireCushion® diamond comes with a promise that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. And, only available at select Forevermark retailers across the country. Only a handful of elite Diamantaires can create diamonds for Forevermark.

Crafted for beauty beyond compare.

Beyond the 4Cs

If you are lucky enough to own a Forevermark FirePrincess® or FireCushion® diamond, you have selected one of the rarest diamonds on earth. Each diamond is cut for beauty, never compromising quality for carat weight.

Forevermark FireCushion®
and FirePrincess® Diamonds.

Each Forevermark FirePrincess® and FireCushion® diamond is examined by experts at the Forevermark Diamond Institute against rigid criteria beyond the traditional 4Cs to ensure it is truly a beautiful diamond and meets your exacting standards. These diamonds have received an Excellent Cut Grade. What does that mean to you? A diamond with an Excellent Cut Grade means it is a diamond with brilliance and scintillation beyond measure. It is a diamond with a “wow” factor. It is always the cut that makes the difference, and by far the most important C of the 4Cs.

Forevermark FireCushion® and FirePrincess® diamonds are simply dazzling. Each facet is representative of our expert diamond cutter’s skill and desire for perfection. An Excellent Cut Grade means it is the very best it can be.

Doesn’t she deserve the very best?

Forevermark FireCushion®

The Forevermark FireCushion® diamond is significantly larger than most other cushions of the same carat weight. Along with being rated by the Forevermark Diamond Institute, it has also been rated as “Excellent” by the prestigious Gemological Institute of American (GIA) for its exceptional polish and symmetry. It is so extraordinarily rare, only 1 out of 1000 cushion cut diamonds achieve this certification of Ex Ex Cushion Brilliant by the GIA. It is more brilliant than any other cushion cut diamond on the market today.

Forevermark FirePrincess®

The only way to describe a Forevermark FirePrincess® diamond is to see the difference in person. Even to your naked eye, the brilliance and scintillation is vastly different.

What makes the FirePrincess® so brilliant is the number of facets. It is the way it has been cut. And, cut is considered to be the most important of the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat weight). It is the only Princess diamond in the world with an unprecedented 98% light return. And, it is rated Triple Excellent by the Forevermark Diamond Institute, among the world’s most respected diamond grading bodies.

Forevermark FirePrincess®
Ordinary Princess