FireOval™ Diamonds

The Oval Shaped Diamond

An Oval Shape diamond, if done right, is an artistic marvel. Its long smooth curves with  brilliance throughout the length of the diamond, inspire both traditional and modern jewelry lovers. Their allure seems to span all generations and genres.

The optimum length width ratio should be about 1:1.40.

The Challenge

Ovals are very hard to cut properly. They are either too short or they have Bowties. Often, cutters, trying to maximize use of the rough diamond will cut Ovals not to the optimum shape, to get more weight from the rough diamond.

The Bowtie

Ovals have Bowties. Since these diamonds are not round, the center of the Oval leaks some light giving a faint Bowtie effect. If the bowtie is visible to the naked eye, that means light is leaking out the pavilion (bottom) of the diamond rather than reflecting back at the viewer through the table facet (largest facet on the crown – or top – of the diamond).

Bottom line, Bowties means the diamond was not cut properly.

The FireOval

Although the Oval diamond is a very romantic and classic shape; cutting it properly is all skill and math – lots of math.

The FireOval is unique in that it has the long smooth curves of the classic ovals, with perfect length to width ratios in the 1:1.40 range.

In addition, they are cut with virtually no bowties. By engineering the perfect right crown and pavilion angles, we’ve eliminated the light leakage of most diamonds.

Every FireOval will have a GIA report, with the Shape FireOval at the top line.

That’s your assurance that you’ve bought the perfect Oval.