FireCushion® Diamonds

Undeniable beauty. Extraordinary brilliance. Those are a few ways you can explain a FireCushion® diamond. But, nothing compares to seeing it in person. What makes a FireCushion® Diamond different from all other Cushion cut diamonds in the world? It is cut for maximum brilliance. In fact, if you compare a FireCushion® side by side to an ordinary Cushion, its brilliance is unquestionable, even to the naked eye.

Every FireCushion® diamond is responsibly sourced and engraved with the FireMark® logo for authenticity. It is a diamond she will covet forever.

The Cut

The Finest Cushion Cut Diamond in the World.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), has classified the FireCushion® Diamond as an EX EX Cushion Brilliant. Only 1 out of every 1,000 cushion cut diamonds in the world have this classification, making it extremely rare.

This proprietary and patented cut is 15% larger when compared side by side with a cushion cut diamond of comparable weight. Because of the way it is cut, it is also typically 15% lighter, than a typical cushion of the same dimensions.