FirePrincess® Diamonds

Unmatched perfection.  In two simple words we can explain the difference in a FirePrincess® diamond and an ordinary Princess diamond.  When you look at a FirePrincess® diamond, you will see brilliance and radiance erupting in a blaze of color. It is truly magical. A side by side comparison to any other Princess will provide one conclusion and only one conclusion: If you’re looking for a Princess diamond, there is nothing more scintillating than a FirePrincess® diamond. It is unmatched perfection in every way.

Every FirePrincess® diamond is responsibly sourced and engraved with the FireMark® logo for authenticity. A Princess diamond suitable for your princess.

Forevermark FirePrincess®
Ordinary Princess

A Revolutionary and Patented Princess Cut.

The FirePrincess® diamond is the most perfectly cut princess diamond there is. It has been deemed so by the world’s most foremost diamond authority, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It is so brilliant, it rivals any Ideal Round diamond.

You can clearly see the difference between an ordinary Princess diamond and our FirePrincess® diamond.  A FirePrincess® diamond is also 10% larger than a typical Princess of the exact carat weight. But, what makes a FirePrincess® diamond so extraordinary is the way it is cut. Out of the 4Cs, it is the cut that is the most important! A FirePrincess® diamond has an unprecedented 98% light return, which gives it unmatched brilliance. A typical Princess cut diamond has an 80% light return.